Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dog of the Week:   Max


Max is our Shih Tzu Mix and has been a member of our family for about 7 years and we believe he is around 10 years old.While he is a sweet dog, he is also a fearful one and barks incessantly at strangers.  Then when you approach him just lies on his back showing submissiveness.     He is The Mighty Hunter.   Brought in a squirrel last week proudly dropping it at my feet.

On to quilty stuff:

Here are pictures of my Quilting Board BOM for Jan.    I didn't like the way the first one turned out.   I had to trim everything to get it to fit together and ended up with 11 7/8" rather than 12 1/2 and wasn't satisfied with the colors either.   So 2nd one is definitely better.   I like the added purple and my finished size was close enough to 12 1/2 for my satisfaction.

2nd -- dark green and yellow are same fabric in both.   I could not get the color to show correctly.

  New project - started yesterday.    Blue and Yellow Quilt for my friend Linda.

Here is how it is shaping up...


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  1. Hi there Max!!! Those blocks are great, love how they look 3 dimensional. The blue and yellow quilt is super pretty.